HIV Prevention

Project Description

The project facilitates installation of condom dispensers across the cities of Brussels and Tbilisi. In order to reach the right target groups, the spots that are popular among the young crowd are selected. 


This is a not-for-profit initiative. We work on increasing access to sex education and means of protecting oneself for young people in Georgia and Belgium. We aim to empower youth, especially young girls, to protect and educate themselves about sexual health.

Project Idea

The project was born after the research concluded that young people in Tbilisi, especially girls, were often the target of whispers and judgy looks when purchasing condoms. Therefore a need for providing an option to buy protection against STIs without being scrutinised was identified.

In Brussels the issue is utterly different, the biggest obstacle for young men (esp. among MSM) to condom use is the access/availability (specifically when it comes to having sex in public places). Consequently, the need to provide the youth of Brussels with easy and convenient access to condoms was highlighted.

Project Objectives

We aim to empower youth. We want them to learn and realise their own power and role in the fight of HIV and other STDs. Hence, for them to develop respectful social and sexual relationships, and consider how their choices affect their own well-being and that of others.

The project also entails educating youth about sexual and reproductive health: 

- The surface of each condom dispenser is designed to encourage the target group to use condom and get tested. They also spread information regarding the places providing free HIV testing.

- Each condom comes with an informative sticker related to STDs, the ways to prevent them, and related topics

The ISO standard certified dispensers and condoms are supplied from Spain.

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