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And it begins...

The very first stage of our project #ArtOfEquality was finally set in motion! ​

Advance Planning Meeting of the project consortium took place in Brussels to go through all the details regarding the upcoming youth exchange - event, which will bring visual artists of Belgium, Georgia, Italy, Ukraine and Moldova with the purpose to start exploring the connections between arts and human rights activism.

The most exciting part for many of us remains the final deliverables - those 30 visionary artists are going to visualise their concerns and responses to the issues, challenges, and tensions associated with human rights. The messages will be delivered in a number of street art forms including graffiti, collage, stencils, photography etc. the participants will be asked to define their own meaning of human rights in the most visual way possible.

During the Youth Exchange, the artistic sessions are going to be as important and present as the theoretical and practical inputs about human rights, activism, and local realities, challenges and solutions of the 5 participating countries.

An exciting part again - with the permission of Brussels City Hall and the supporting organisation Allee du Kaai, our group will be able to place their crafts on the walls of Brussels - right there, in the center! To be more precise, Avenue du Port will become a canvas for a while! The official opening of the artworks will be held on Action Day 2. on October 27th, 2019.

P.S Forgot to mention, the participants of Art of Equality are going to be staying on the train during the whole Youth Exchange period! No kidding, we’ll be staying in the Train Hostel, while brainstorming about the social issues we want to tackle!

#artofequality #youthexchange #artforhumanrights #erasmusplus

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