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Updated: Apr 2

16 young people with badass artistic skills and strong determination to promote a safer and more just migration system in Belgium have been invited to the 1st phase of our project ♥

During a 3-day training, through non-formal educational tools, games and exercises, they learned about each other and their backgrounds; explored the human rights challenges faced by young migrants in Belgium, especially from the intersectional perspective; and got acquainted with migrant rights and different practices of activism and advocacy.


During Activity 2.0, the participants were reunited to deep-dive into the pitfalls of the current migration system and the enabling social mechanisms behind it. To allow for a more comprehensive understanding of the migration system in Belgium, civil society stakeholders were invited, and panel talks were held with local NGOs - Le Refuge and Rainbow Welcome -, as well as with young refugees who have been through the asylum the process recently.

The activity was finalised with the co-creation of a problem tree that looked into the core problems and consequences of the hostile reception system of Belgium.


During Activity 3.0, participants worked with experts to enhance their skills in different street art forms, acquired know-how in the respectful representation of people facing injustices, and funnelled into concept development.

Throughout this phase, the participants started applying acquired knowledge and skills to create the art concepts to be executed in the last phase of the project.


During the last activity, cutest people from Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp created 9 street art pieces based on one of the issues identified through the problem tree.

A video showcasing the creation process was also made to better disseminate the project outputs on social media.

On the very last day, the participants got to learn about the funding opportunities for their future projects, they started planning the follow-up actions, evaluated the overall project and made lifelong friendships.

Do you want to be a part of our next project? Follow us on Instagram to keep track of all of our opportunities.

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