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Seeking asylum in a new country can be an intimidating process. For that reason, we wanted to create a resource page of useful information that could help you navigate the process more easily. We divided the information into different sections that relate to the different stages of the process. In each section you will find answers to common questions about the process. We hope you find this helpful and we look forward to giving you a warm welcome to Belgium!

Before arrival

This section gives you useful tips and information for you to prepare before arriving in Belgium. It gives you recommendations on things to bring or prepare ahead of time that may help you on the process of seeking asylum. 

This section walks you through the first things you should do once you arrive in Belgium to start the process of international protection. It also gives you tips and recommendations to ease the process and other useful information to help you settle in.


This section helps you navigate your first days in Belgium once you start the process of requesting international protection. It helps you understand your options and possibilities to make your own decisions.


This section will provide you with useful information about living in the Reception Centre. It covers how to deal with any issues that may arise from your stay and who to address to seek help to resolve conflicts.


This section describes the bureaucratic process of the first interview. It will help you prepare by giving you a general idea of the questions that are asked and what information is useful for you to have at hand and provide to speed up the process.


This section covers the process of the second interview. It will help you prepare by giving you tips and a general idea of the questions asked. 


This section gives you an idea of how long it takes to reach a decision on your status and your next steps to take if the decision is positive. This section also covers the options and possibilities if the decision is negative, such as starting an appeal process.

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