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Youth Education


Droa Community is involved in programmes targeting youth workers and professionals who have other young people as their platform. Utilising the non-formal educational methods, we organise trainings for activists, project managers, youth policy-makers etc. to teach them how to design and implement youth lead projects.


Our main objective is to empower young people take action, through equipping them with knowledge on human rights, democratic citizenship and participation. We would like to increase the number of active democratic citizens who stand up for human rights and raise efficiency of the local and international activities against hate speech and discrimination in all its forms.


We organise projects under Erasmus+ Key Action 1 Learning Mobility of Individuals to support and promote:

• Social change through non-formal education and informal trainings

• International mobility and intercultural learning among youth of Europe

• Active youth participation, especially of the ones with fewer opportunities


The Actions supported under Erasmus+ are expected to bring positive and long-lasting effects on the participants and participating organisations involved, as well as on the policy systems in which such activities are framed.

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